thanks all supporters for helping us enrich the academic experiences
 of all our students!

A Warm Welcome from the Queen City Academy Charter School Foundation

Thank you for your interest in the Queen City Academy Charter School Foundation! The Foundation provides funding and other means of support to enhance the mission of our School. The primary focus of the Foundation is to support the educational pursuits of students through programming, facility enhancements, and supplemental faculty resources. Realizing that Queen City Academy Charter School and its families benefit from participation in the greater community, the Foundation also endeavors to provide opportunities to enrich the quality of life in the region surrounding our school.

Your donation is particularly important as we launch this fundraising program. We have just purchased the building we are in and there is a very long wish list we hope to raise funds for! Your donation will enhance teaching, learning, and the community at QCA. State and local funding provide only a portion of the true cost of a QCA education. Donations from student families, alumni, businesses and friends provide textbooks and classroom resources, expand faculty development programs, update technology, and improve and strengthen academic programs. Each student at Queen City Charter School will benefit in valuable ways from your generous donation.

If you would be interested in discussing ways you can volunteer or participate on the Friends of QCA Committee, please send an email to: and a committee person will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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