The Friends of Queen City Academy Foundation

The Friends of Queen City Academy Charter School Foundation, Inc. provides funding and other means of support to enhance the mission of the Queen City Academy Charter School. The primary focus of the Foundation is to support the educational pursuits of students through programming, facility enhancements, and supplemental faculty resources. Realizing that QCA and its families benefit from participation in the greater community, the Foundation also endeavors to provide opportunities to enrich the quality of life in the surrounding region.

The Friends of Queen City Academy Team

The Friends of Queen City Academy Foundation is dedicated to supporting programs that will benefit the students and continue to encourage them to believe in themselves and their potential. There are many ways to offer your expertise and we welcome your involvement at any level.


  • Andrea Silvershein - President
  • Craig Bronsnick - Vice President
  • Jayne Meiselman - Treasurer
  • Jennifer Silvershein - Secretary
  • Alix Berlin - Social Media Coordinator


  • Josefa Alvarenga
  • Neela Asaadi
  • Cornethia McCloud
  • Tara Nolan
  • Shari Nyman
  • Denise Sheffler
  • Jeannie Williams
  • Corynne Matthews
  • Suzanne Van Fossan
  • Shep Brown