Letter from Foundation

Dear Families, Alumni, Community Partners and Friends,

All donations in honor of graduating students, special occasions or faculty will be acknowledged with a notecard. Your donation is tax deductible. The foundation is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization.

Even if you have never been to the Queen City Academy Charter School, you can have a HUGE impact in the education that children receive, by being a donor.

Why donate to the Foundation? Gifts made to the Foundation are unrestricted. They constitute a flexible resource that allows QCA to support our educational mission. All gifts, whether large or small, benefit and sustain the vitality of QCA.

Who donates to Queen City Academy Charter School?

  • Alumni who give out of loyalty and a desire to ensure future generations of students have the same quality educational experience.
  • Parents of current students give because they know their sons and daughters are the direct beneficiaries.
  • Parents and Families of alumni give in appreciation for the life-changing experiences their children had at the school.
  • Faculty, Staff and Board members give because they believe in the mission of the school.
  • Friends give to acknowledge QCA’s positive impact on the greater community
  • Businesses give, understanding that community building starts here

Your contribution keeps QCA a vital, innovative school that provides exceptional educational opportunities.  Please join me in supporting our foundation.

With warmest regards,

Every student that will be the beneficiary of your gift!